Can't beat that with a baseball bat

Batman: Arkham City will be re-released as a Game of the Year edition May 29th. It’ll have all five of the downloadable content packs which include Catwomen, Nightwing, Robin, challenge maps and Arkham City skin add-ons. The game, in North America, will also include a code for the animated movie ‘Batman: Year One.’ Oh, and maybe most importantly it’ll have the brand new DLC pack ‘Harley Quinn’s Revenge.’

Harley Quinn’s Revenge is going to be a new chapter in Batman: Arkham City. The DLC pack will deliver roughly two hours of game play while both Batman and Robin try to figure out Harley’s plan. If you already own the game and just want the DLC pack, it’ll be available on PSN and Xbox Live May 30th.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge sounds pretty cool to me! Game of the Year Edition? Eh… I already have the game. It’ll probably be real nice for anyone who hasn’t gotten the chance to play it yet though. I’m sure like every other Game of the Year Edition it’ll be reasonably priced, and a great deal!

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