Canada gets exclusive Wii Mini


Just because you just released your next generation console a mere week ago and stated you would no longer support  the Wii doesn’t mean you can’t release another version of the system! Right? Well, ever the trend setter Nintendo has decided to freshen up the Wii with a new model called the Wii Mini. It will be $99, won’t support GameCube games much like the model we have now in the U.S and won’t have any kind of internet connection. Oh, and as of right now it’s only available in Canada. Yeah, sure. Why not right? There are still alot of people who still don’t own one and this is probably the best way to get it into every home.

There is not much of a difference other than its size. It’s also now a top-loading console , and does include a MotionPlus Wii-mote. Oh, and it’s red. To those who have been holding out for a red Wii console, your wait is now over.

The Wii Mini will be released in Canada on November 30th and will most likely see a release here in the States sometime in the near future. Probably. Most likely.

Source: Giant Bomb


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