WOOOOOOOOOOOO.  I best be enjoying my gaming now over the next two months… cause after that it’s all going to Diablo III!  Blizzard just announced today that Diablo III now has a May 15, 2012 release date.  You can pre-purchase the game on Battle.net right now, and play when the game launches!  They also reminded all their World of Warcraft players that it’s not too late to sign up for the Annual Pass.  The Annual Pass gives you a free years subscription to WoW, a free Diablo III copy and other various WoW goodies.

Finally the game’s coming out!  I mean I know it won’t have PVP on launch, but I ain’t even mad at that.  I just want to play the game, and it looks like I’ll be getting my chance soon enough.

via Battle.net

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