Whew, this story almost fell right under the radar. Electronic Arts has been facing some controversy recently in the form of Mass Effect 3′s ending and by winning the Consumerist Poo Award; so, why not pile on their choice to include Lesbian-Gay-Bi-Transgender in games and attack them for it! Of course, I am being sarcastic and actually commend them in their support for an equal view of people regardless of their sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, some people in Florida don’t take it the same way. The Florida Family Association has come together amongst other anti-gay groups to write letters, fill up online forums, and create petitions that are borderline “hate speak”. They claim EA has been “pressured” to include homosexual relationships by some secretive gay initiative to influence the children. Yup, and witches parade at night stealing shoes to lure your child into their stew pot!

It is sad, really. We live in a time where equal rights should be given to those of all color, creed, religion, sex, and race; people should not be singled out for their sexual orientation either. I mean, I am not gay but that doesn’t signify that I am against them; even more so, I have interpersonal relationships with guys and girls that like other guys and girls. Let’s just let people be but that’s always going to be a tough sell. We all may have one reason or another to dislike this giant game company, but they got this one right in defending their stance!

These anti-gay groups are attacking EA for the content in their two most recent games, Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars The Old Republic. In these two blockbusters, you are allowed to pick your sexual orientation as you make very-friendly companions in the universe. Coincidentally, both of these games take place in a much more advanced time than ours; and maybe EA is comprised of people much more advanced than those in the Florida Family Association.

To get a greater understanding of the situation then read the complete article on GamesIndustry Inernational.

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