Do you have a strong hankering for foosball, but no table to make the magic happen?  Well if you’re a PlayStation 3 or PS Vita owner you’re in luck! Grip Games is making Foosball 2012 just for you!  The game will feature PS Move support for the PlayStation 3 and cross-platform multiplayer.  It also supports synchronized saving.  So if you’re playing the game on the PlayStation 3 then hit the road, you can pick up where you left off on the PS Vita.  Best part of all?  If you buy the game on one system you’ll be able to play the game on the other system free of charge!

Really this is just all around awesome!  The buy on one system, play on both model is exactly the kind of thing our very own JuggerNottt was hoping would happen.  I told him he was crazy, and that no company would do that.  Wow am I glad I was wrong!  Hopefully more PSN games in the future start doing the very same thing.  Either way I’ll be picking up Foosball 2012 to show my support!

via Playstation Blog

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