Word on the streets, and by streets we mean the Innanetz, Microsoft’s virtual currency (MS Points) are being phased out at the end of the year.  As a result purchases for all of your Xbox Live content, the Zune Marketplace, and everything else that uses MS Points will utilize a cash system much like traditional App Store and Android Market purchases (though Microsoft has not chimed in on the subject).

It might seem a little strange the Microsoft is pulling their Microsoft Points currency system after so many years, but it is interesting to note that gradually over time they have been phasing in ways of using cash instead of exclusively using MS Points.  For example, full games purchased on Xbox Live are paid with real money instead of MS Points.

While getting rid of the points system certainly makes things easier to know how much everything costs and to purchase content, a part of me is a little disturbed about it.  I am that guy that doesn’t like to have his credit card information stored on the console.  Though it has been inconvenient to buy MS Point cards in the past, at least I had the option of purchasing content without directly inputting my information over XBox Live.  I guess we will see how it all works out and hopefully we wont have any hacking issues running rampant.

via Inside Mobile Apps

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