I dunno if they expected the system to basically not be selling at all, but the Wall Street Journal reported Sony CEO Kaz Hirai as saying the PS Vita sales were, “on the low end of what we expected.”  He did seem to remain optimistic about the sales though, because he also said it would take 5-10 years to say whether or not a product has been successful.  Noting that the real importance when it comes to consoles is in the long term, and that the PlayStation 3 also got off to a slow start.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be too hopeful for the Vita picking up any serious steam anytime soon.  The market for handheld devices just isn’t what it used to be with the emergence of Smartphones.  When the PlayStation 3 first came out its only serious setback was the price point.  Surly the Vita price point isn’t the only reason sales are low.

via WallStreetJournal

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