Is there a Madden Cover Curse?

Short answer: Yes.

Every year EA Sports finds a new player to be on the cover of their Madden games and more evidence builds that some voodoo overshadows that particular player. Some stuff happens out of freaks of nature and other occurrences appear from the overall team. Skeptics can argue what happens to one player happens to many players and it is merely magnified on someone on a Madden cover.

But Peyton Hillis is getting creamed right now. Here’s a short list of why the Madden Cover Curse is stabbing a razor in the back of this former Razorback:

  • A strep throat leaves Hillis sick and forces him to miss week 3 against the Miami Dolphins. He wasn’t even able to stay with team for the weekend as he was seen leaving the team facility that past Friday.
  • Following the strep throat attack talks of his contract situation started coming up, as in he is playing off of  his rookie contract and he and his agent believe it’s time for an extension.  The problem is that there were accusations that Peyton sat out because of an agent advising him not to over money sickness and not physical wellness.
  • Peyton Hillis ended up on a radio show and pretty much owned up that he would have played sick if he would have been paid.
  • He has yet to top 100 yards in a game (the standard as a good game by a running back)  or even score a touchdown outside from his week 2 game against the Colts.  He had two that game accompanied with a lost fumble.
  • Peyton Hillis’s missed game has opened up the door to second year running back Montario Hardesty.  Hardesty was supposed to be the next best RB for the Browns until he missed the entire 2010 year to injury.  Cleveland traded for Hillis and you know the rest of the story.  It is timeshare more than ever in the Browns backfield, which leads to less chances for number 40 to touch the football.
  • On the second play of the Oakland Raiders game he hurt his hamstring.  Now it is somewhat serious and is subject to an MRI though everything and everyone gets a doctor test for any boo-boo in professional sports.  If the hamstring is severely hurt then he will easily miss many weeks.
  • When all this was added up the Browns may have second guessed his status as a Brown.  Before the NFL trade deadline, ESPN reported that the Madden 12 cover player was available on the trading block.  Something worse happened: he stayed in Cleveland.
  • And lastly, EA Sports has already downgraded this fan favorite by tuning him down by one point.  He started at a Madden rating of 91 and now is 90 in the most current downloadable roster.

So, this is happening before the HALFWAY mark of the of the 2012 NFL season.  Things can get better, ya know.  He is already 400 yards behind the current leader in rushing and is five TDs away from leading the league.  Let’s see what happens at the end of the year.

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