Mario  Kart 7 is a solid game for the Nintendo 3DS handheld loved by many.  But the gaming community has a serious issue with a track glitch found in the Maka Wuhu Stage, especially considering that many play online and compete against others.  The glitch can straight up ruin online matches because it allows players to drive off the track and respawn significantly further up the road near a checkpoint.

What does Nintendo have to say about it?  Well…

There are no plans to update the game to remove this shortcut as doing so would create an unfair advantage for the users of the original release of the game.

- Buddy Roemer
Nintendo of America Inc.

Updates are certainly possible on the 3DS much like the Nintendo Wii, but for whatever reason Nintendo doesn’t seem to utilize the function very often, let alone quickly.  As Captain Hook would say, “BAD FORM!”  To see the exploit in action check out the video below.

via StickTwiddlers

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