Nintendo TVii, the service that lets you use the Gamepad as your remote is now available to US & Canada Wii U owners. You are able to set up your favorite shows & movies, your favorite sports teams and check out what is currently being airing on your select cable or satellite provider. You can access Nintendo TVii by hitting the red icon at the bottom of your Gamepad when you turn it on and just follow the instructions and you are good to go.

I have had a couple of hours of time to fiddle with TVii and the potential is definitely there. The app is pretty slow when navigating through the menus (for some reason you have to scroll with the stylus instead of the sticks) and it will definitely take some time getting your cable or satellite service up and going with the app (I have Dish and I still haven’t been able to sync it with TVii) but if Nintendo can squash those minor nuances and updates the app frequently and listens to the feedback of the consumers then this could be something big for them. You might not think that it’s something you will like or even need, but try it at least.  Because then you will begin to see the potential and how Sony & Microsoft will most definitely try to do something along these lines with their next consoles.

Source: Joystiq

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