So PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is actually coming out, and now we’re getting our first peek at gameplay from the game!  The video shows off PaRappa the Rapper, Fat Princess, Sly Cooper, Mael Radec, Kratos and Sweet Tooth battling across different stages.  It’s being made by a new company, SuperBot Entertainment, who was put together just to make this game a reality.  Oh, and the gameplay?  It looks familiar….  I can’t recall where I’ve seen it before.

Haha ok.  This looks like a blatant Smash Brothers rip off.  I mean don’t get me wrong I was a HUGE fan of the Smash Brothers franchise, but the game wasn’t meant to be made on different platforms.  While this game could be awesome, and a lot of fun, I just can’t get used to seeing it without Nintendo characters.  I guess we’ll have to see more gameplay and see how it plays differently… but as far as I can see right now this game’s been done.  Am I crazy?  I mean this game could have worked shortly after Smash Brothers was released… but this long after?  Seems like a blatant rip-off.

via PlayStation Blog

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