PlayStation home is still bringing home the updates.  The core client just got upgraded to version 1.65 and this patch is bringing quite the list of improvements.  New this week you’ll be able to get beats headphones by Dr. Dre, Secret Agent items from Konami and Granzella Samurai items.  The core client update is also bringing many new features and improvements including:

  • A new simplified Menu Screen
  • Furniture slot memory adjustments and enhanced visual display of available memory use
  • A new Voice Chat system
  • Alerts are now integrated better
  • Shopping right from the Wardrobe
  • Cross game invite system has been expanded
  • Improved stability of real time games
  • And more!

This seems like a pretty solid update!  I don’t care too much about the new items they add to PlayStation home, but I’m a big fan of the improvements they’re making to the service.  Have to admit it’s getting better.  It’s getting better all the time!

via PlayStation Blog

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