Sony will be adding 2 great games to it’s already stacked PlayStation Plus program tomorrow with the inclusion of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition & Rochard. Both games will be available to Plus members for as long as you are still enrolled in the Plus membership, but even if you let it expire you can apparently still play those games because they are in your Download History and ready to go regardless (thanks IGN!)

Sony has really been adding some great games to it’s service that you have to wonder know whether or not you will see an Xbox or Nintendo equivalent at some point in the future. The means to pay for online services, I believe, are over. You shouldn’t have to pay for services to access online content on your devices if you already have internet access. Sony & Nintendo get that, it’s time for Microsoft to do the same.

You will be able to download both titles when the PS Store updates tomorrow.

Source: IGN

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