If it is one thing that gamers love, its nostalgia for old school games and movies.  We’ve shown some love to Abobo’s Big Adventure and Retro City Rampage already and now its time to give people a taste of Saturday Morning RPG. We had the pleasure of meeting up with the guys over at Mighty Rabbit Studios during MagFest X and when we found out that they were making an RPG chock full of 80’s references, needless to say I was all ears.

Saturday Morning RPG will be available for download in an episodic format, with the first episode being free to act as a tutorial and get you used to playing, while the subsequent episodes have a lot more meat to them. When new episodes are released, you can download them to your iOS device and continue on with your existing levels and items.  Likewise after beating an episode you can replay them in a “New Game +” type format and further increase your levels more for future episodes.

The game starts out with you playing as Marty (character art looks to be inspired by Spike from Transformers) while he is dreaming and finding his girlfriend kidnapped by the evil Commander Hood (Cobra Commander – G.I. Joe).  After being quickly defeated, Marty is given the power of a magical notebook from The Wizard, which allows you to summon some nostalgic items in combat in order to turn the tides of battle in your favor.  The in game tutorial is very well done and guides you through the entire combat process as well as all the details about the Notebook.

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