So if you have trouble leaving your house without a PS3, Xbox or Wii console and do not feel like dropping the loot on the PSP2 , have no fear!!! John Carmack has created an amazing megatextured game that brings 60 FPS to the apple hardware. This is easily the best looking game by any mobile device proving how advanced apples Iphone4, Ipad and Ipod touch 4th edition’s hardware can be. Of course non of this would be possible without the creative minds of Id software.

The game play is played on rails which is a good thing since you only have an Iphone to control it with. Looking around is done either by navigating through the screen with your finger or by tilting the phone. The accelerometer and gyroscope weapon come into good use and react impressively quickly.

it’s $1.99 price and the App store might be worth its value while waiting in the dentist or waiting for your girl in the Gynocologist office.

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