Need a break from the daily grind? Looking for something fun and interesting to occupy a few minutes of your time? Then Crunching Koalas might have just what you need. Not MineCraft, not StarCraft, but MouseCraft. MouseCraft is a tile matching puzzle game that has you enlisted to help mice in their never ending quest for cheese, which will bring back nostalgic memories of classic puzzle games, yet grab your attention with its cartoon-steampunk graphical style.

So if you are looking to pick up a free copy, the guys over at Crunching Koalas have the perfect program for you. Join the beta program which will allow you to play, test, and send feedback on early versions of the game for free. Like Billy Mays always said, “But wait there’s more!”. If you actively participate in the beta you will also be mentioned in the final credits of the game and the person that helps the most will receive full versions of their games along with discount coupons. So if you are interested simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Register for the Beta Program here
  2. Download the pre-alpha version of MouseCraft here

MouseCraft is currently planned to be released Q2 of 2013 on PC/Mac/Linux and possibly on mobile devices.

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