Looking for a challenging game to play? One of the hardest games I have ever played since the 8bit era, which is a continuation from that generation, is Ninja Gaiden 2 for the 360. I have not played NG Sigma for PS3 or the much of the originals from the NES. The biggest amount of time I put in the series was the rebirth of Ninja Gaiden (XBOX) and its extra content cousin, Ninja Gaiden Black (which is available for download on the Xbox Live for $15 which is well worth it!). Btw you can try a NG2 demo on XBox Live. Ninja Gaiden 3 will be released in 2012.

Ninja Gaiden 2 is difficult because Team Ninja (TECMO KOEI) decided to focus less on the platforming and exploration from the original, and decided to amp up the intensity of battle. Also, the game is super gruesome. I mean, a noble strategy in getting through the game is to dismember an enemy then execute a deathblow to, ahem, execute them. You are given button inputs for homicidal combos that will assist in fighting your way through the game. It has the soul of a fighting game inside the body of an adventure game.

In previous games, Ryu Hayabusa was given weapons as the story progressed but the player still had to pick them up. Otherwise, you will walk past them and you will go on using your Dragon Blade for the most part. In NG2, you are given most of the weapons in the first level (game tip: the Lunar Staff is the key to killing!); so, you can use the weapon you want from the beginning.

Some you can buy, some you will earn....they are pretty sweet looking

Each weapon needs to level up from the store by collecting Ki and spending it there. As weapons level up, you will have access to more moves. The moves are pretty much combos not unlike a game of Soul Calibur. Oddly enough, you are given two attack buttons and a block button. That screams a fighting game soul when you combine all of the elements.

Every weapon has different properties, combinations, ranges, and strengths. Super moves are also included in the attacking process by holding down the Y button; this will be a ninja’s best friend. My favorite weapon will always be the Dragon Sword, but all are fun to use…..Tonfas also kick ass and then tear it open.

If you’re into hard to earn Achievements then NG2 is your game. You get a majority of the Achievement Points from beating it over and over and over again. A majority is earned the first time you fight through the game, find the hidden skulls, and do all the “Tests of Valor”. You will receive more for going through the game exclusively using one of the weapons. There are rewards for completing the game on every difficulty.

Speaking of difficulty, this game is hard. Completing NG2 the first time is enough challenge to throw controllers and fits. I have yet to beat it, but I am working hard on it. KillSteelah has bragging rights to this game because he has achieved enough to play Master Ninja Mode. Nope, I’m not yet on his level. Give it a try; I am sure you find NG2 tests as much frustration as your patience permits.

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