SmartGlass, Microsoft’s 360 app which turns your handheld device in to a screen accessory for the console, is coming Windows 8 tablets October 28th. So far the two games supporting it are going to be Dance Central 3 and Forza Motor Sport. It’s getting a head start on Windows native devices, but it’s expected to come to Android and iOS in 2013.  Microsoft has indicated that SmartGlass functionality will be a part of all Microsoft Studios games going forward.

This looks like it’s going to turn basically every smartphone device in to a Wii U tablet… without the controller built in.  Who knows.  If it turns out to be a big hit maybe Microsoft will make some kind of Xbox 360 Android Tablet controller.  I wouldn’t be shocked if someone made something like that.  Functionality to play games with the device will probably be limited, but seeing things like stats and waypoints could be cool.  I guess, at least with this, it’ll be free.  So worst comes you try it, don’t like it, and don’t use it.

via MajorNelson

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