Happy New Year!

Nintendo is definitely starting off the new year right in the digital side of things with a big update that includes 2 retail releases that many 3DS owners should check out.


  • Unchained Blades ($29.99)
  • Gunman Clive ($1.99)
  • Air Battle 3D Hockey ($4.99)

3DS Retail

  • Code of Princess ($29.99)


  • Galaxy Saver ($1.99/200 Points)
  • Snowboard Xtreme ($1.99/200 Points)

Nintendo Video

  • Best of 2012 (Free)

My pick of the week would be Code of Princess. If you enjoyed Guardian Heroes on the Sega Saturn (and it’s re-release on XBLA) then you will absolutely enjoy it since it’s made by some of the same team members.

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