THQ Sale
If your mom is anything like mine, chances are she isn’t really a big gamer. So when I first saw that THQ was having a Mother’s Day sale, needless to say I was a little confused.  But then again, it isn’t like you have to be a mom in order to take advantage of the sale prices on these games.  So if you are in the market to pick up some games at up to 40% off, make sure to hop on over to THQ’s online store and see whats good.  Personally I would skip out on All Star Cheer Squad 2 on the Wii and pick up Saints Row: The Third instead. Or if you are looking to shed a few pounds before prime swimsuit weather, pick up a copy of UFC Personal Trainer. While the sale is in effect for pretty much every game they have out, unfortunately it does not extend to pre-orders.

Act fast, offer ends 10AM PDT Monday 5/14/12.

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