Ah yes, video games.  Early on in my life I became acquainted with them and ever since have remained a huge part of my life and as such, I have come to appreciate the numerous things they have to offer, whether it is the game’s backgrounds, music, plot, and characters.  Rarely however you find games that have characters that really grab you and make you laugh.  So it brings me great pleasure to bring you our Top 10 Funniest Video Game Characters.

#10 Joachim – Shadow Hearts 2
Shadow Hearts is a great and relatively unknown RPG series that desperately needs a 4th installment, but that is a totally different story. While the whole series is filled with funny awkward moments and unique characters that make you laugh, Joachim is the best.  Joachim is a muscle bound meat head that is so stupid and over the top that he is hilarious.  His dialogue and overly dramatic actions is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.  Some of his equipable weapons include a locker, a red mailbox, and a frozen tuna.  And one of his special abilities is known as “Muscle Arts”.   Joachim is a character that is full of win!

#9 Max – Sam & Max Hit the Road

We are taking a trip down memory lane with this game.  Sam & Max Hit the Road was originally released in 1993 for DOS.  Since the game is based off the characters from Steve Purcell’s comic characters, it wouldn’t surprise you to know that the game would be funny as well.  While there are many funny characters and moments throughout the game, Max is special.  His witty and sometimes cheesy comments just bring a smile to your face and make you laugh.  Max brings to life exactly what you would expect from reading the comics with a subtle comedy that has been praised by critics for years.  If you have never played this classic game I would highly recommend.

#8 King of All Cosmos – Katamari

One of the main characters in the Katamari games and an eccentric hilarious one to boot!  The King of All Cosmos comes complete with flamboyant outfit, amazing fighting skills, and even a twitter account!  He even talks with the Big Lebowski’s royal “We”.  When dealing with the King of All Cosmos, there really isn’t much about him that ISN’T funny!

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