It seems like season passes are all the rage these days and with a AAA title like Assassins Creed III it isn’t a big surprise to see that it too will be getting one. Ubisoft has just announced that the discounted offer will feature all upcoming DLC including The Tyranny of King George Washington, which is a brand spanking new single player campaign told through three episodic content packs, allowing you to see an alternate history of the events immediately following the American Revolution. Additionally, with the season pass you will gain access to new maps and characters for your multiplayer assassin experience.

The season pass will be available for 2400 MS points or $29.99 on PSN and is available for pre-order at GameStop or Best Buy. If you plan on buying all the DLC for this game anyways, the season pass is definitely the way to go as it will save you 25% over the individual pack prices as well as give you access to the first DLC one week before other gamers.

Look for AC3 on Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 30th, while on PC and Wii U a bit later on November 20th. Remember God Save the King (doesn’t that look like the apple of Eden on his scepter?)


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