Uncharted 3 is getting patched up at the end of the month, and that patch (1.11) will bring a whole rack of changes!  First there’s the long anticipated return of the Lab, a playlist introduced in Uncharted 2 featuring awesome game types that are certified fun.  There are also a lot more options now to mess around with in the Custom Game mode.  The full list of changes for 1.11 are:

- The Lab returns and we begin the playlist with a T-bolt/Pistole-only map. We will be rolling out other game types as the year progresses.

  • The Lab will contain treasure drops from whatever the base game type is (the T-bolt/Pistole map is considered Team Deathmatch)

- Elimination Mode has been added.

  • Elimination mode will contain treasure drops from Team Deathmatch

- Message of the Day returns – a daily message will pop up with news, tips, and other information.
- The following custom game settings are now available via a menu in Custom Game mode called “Advanced Settings.”

  • Respawn Time
  • Buddy Spawning toggle
  • Health Multiplier – by percentage
  • Sprinting toggle
  • Weapon Mode (Default, Basic Weapons, Pistols, RPG-7)
  • Medal Kickbacks toggle
  • Boosters toggle
  • Grenade Throw Back toggle

- If you leave a game, disconnect, or turn off your PS3 mid-game, it will be counted as a loss.
- Kill and deaths no longer count towards your career stats in Plunder and Team Objective modes
- The technical hooks to make the Game of the Year edition (EU) work properly with DLC were added
- In Team Deathmatch mode the Airstrip and London maps now are listed with “No Intro” variations. If these variations are selected you’ll start those maps with no convoy events.
- The Long Ranger Medal can now be earned by achieving 3 kills at 50 meters in a match instead of 3 kills at 70 meters.

Seems like a quality update!  Adds some good features to help keep the multiplayer fresh.  I’m glad they’ve remained dedicated to improving the mutliplayer, and I’m excited to see what future patches hold!

via PlayStation Blog

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