Video Games Are Now Art


It looks like video games are going to become a bit more snootier (in a good way but less wallflower). The New York City Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has announced intentions of displaying select titles of video games as part of their Architecture and Design collection.

While not the first museum to display video games (and playable to boot), an exhibit from MoMA gives video games as a whole some sense of validity as art. Zelda would actually be within the same walls as Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Take that Roger Ebert.  Although the initial list of titles were chosen from an “elegance of code” and design standpoint, some art “aficionados” would brand this as an excuse for parents to drag their kids along to the museum that now has an arcade. Those “experts” can rant and rage quit all they want because the video game display is said to be a permanent fixture for MoMA.

The exhibit is scheduled to go on a permanent display March 14 starting with an initial collection of 14 titles includes Tetris, Katamari Damacy , Portal, and EVE Online. Approximately 40 additional titles are expected to be added through the upcoming years.

Source: MoMA

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