Man this is the kinda thing I used to dream about when I was playing Ultima Online.  The PlayStation Vita is getting Phantasy Star Online 2 in Japan.  The game may not be released internationally, but the region freeness of the Vita means the game will work on your Vita just fine.  The best part about this game is the PC version and the Vita version will be using the same servers.  So you can play your characters on both the PC and the Vita!

This is big news!  Not really because many of our readers play Phantasy Star Online 2.  More so because this means it’s possible, and it’ll open the door for future MMO’s to do the same thing.  Like I said earlier… if I could play Ultima Online on a GameBoy Advance back in the day my life would have been complete.  As it stands now?  Only partially complete.

via Andriasang

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