I defy you to find me one part of UNawesomeness in the new launch trailer for Futuremark Games Studio’s Unstoppable Gorg. The trailer just oozes that unmistakable monster movie vibe of yesteryear and also goes a long way in showing off how beautiful the tower defense game is in addition to the unusual twist you’ll find with it.

From Futuremark:

Get ready to experience a revolution in tower defense later this week when Futuremark® Games Studio releases Unstoppable Gorg™, a revolutionary new tower defense game that challenges you to defend the solar system from fearsome aliens by sending satellites into orbit. Unlike other tower defense games, in Unstoppable Gorg you can move your towers by rotating the orbits that surround planets, moons and space stations.

By now we’ve all played a bunch of TD games including Desktop Tower Defense and South Park but when was the last time you saw one with great visuals and gameplay that keeps you moving instead of setting up your base and pretty much hanging back waiting to see what unfolds? Sure everyone pretty much knows Futuremark for their fantastic benchmark app but with this new trailer for Unstoppable Gorg – Color me interested!

Available now on Steam and soon on XBL – Official web site here, trailer and pics below!

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